About Hemochromatosis Blood Donations

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has been granted a variance from the Food and Drug Administration that will allow The Blood Center to draw blood to be used for transfusion purposes from individuals diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis. Previously, blood collected from hereditary hemochromatosis patients was drawn only as therapeutic donations and was destroyed.

Beginning March 2, 2004, blood collected from donors with hereditary hemochromatosis who meet all suitability requirements for allogeneic blood donations will be labeled as suitable for transfusion. The minimum hematocrit allowed for transfusion purposes will be 38 percent. Blood donations from donors that do not meet the current suitability requirements or require a hematocrit of less than 38 percent will be labeled as therapeutic donations and discarded. Hereditary hemochromatosis donors will be allowed to donate blood more often than every eight weeks and their blood will be used for transfusion if otherwise suitable.

There will be no fee for phlebotomies performed on individuals with hereditary hemochromatosis whether or not they meet requirements to be allogeneic donors. We will continue to require a therapeutic phlebotomy request form to be completed by your doctor and will be kept on file with The Blood Center. Please ask your doctor to complete the form and fax to The Blood Center at (713) 791-6603.

Download the therapeutic phlebotomy request.

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