Commit for Life Calendar

Each year, we select a few photos and stories from the Commit for Life photo shoot to share in the Commit for Life calendar. Share your story with us and you could be invited to our next photo shoot! 

January 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Lee may be strong and healthy, but that was not always the case. As a premature infant, he required a blood transfusion to grow stronger. Now, as an adult, he understands the importance of Committing for Life. "Now I donate blood and encourage others to do the same so hope can be available for others in their times of need," Lee says. 

February 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Complications during the birth of Leanna's little brother, Jason, threatened both his and their mother's lives. Fortunately, enough blood was available to get them through an emergency cesarean section. "Without the people who donated, I wouldn't have my amazing mother and brother," says Leanna, who shared her inspirational story to become a Commit for Life scholarship winner in 2014. 

March 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

In late 2013, Rick was the unfortunate victim of a violent crime. He was flown from his home in East Texas to a Houston hospital, where he spent eight weeks in ICU and received 16 units of blood. “We are truly grateful for Commit for Life and all the generous donors who helped save Rick's life and millions of others,” says his wife, Debbie.

April 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

As a Commit for Life volunteer, LaShabriel has the opportunity to promote something that is important to her - helping save lives. “Community service and volunteerism are an investment in my community and the people who live in it,” she says. She proudly gives back by serving on the Thank You Crew, recruiting donors at blood drives and events.

May 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Thirteen years ago, Marian was involved in a serious accident that could have ended her life, if not for the generosity of volunteer blood donors. She was rushed to the hospital where she underwent a very delicate, emergency surgery to remove her spleen. “I received three units of blood that helped save my life,” Marian says.

June 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Donny’s dedication to Commit for Life stems from his own experiences and those of his loved ones. He sustained a serious injury while in serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and he has family members who have been recipients as well. “My donation is going to help someone fight through a tough time in their lives,” Donny says.

July 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Upon learning that Angelina would require a blood transfusion during surgery, her father, Lee, became aware of the need for donors. He consequently dedicated his first donation to Angelina, but her procedure was postponed, and another patient received his gift. Now that Angelina is healthy, Lee continues to Commit for Life to help others whose lives are at stake.

August 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Colby, a 19-year-old Texas A&M University student, began donating blood as soon as she became eligible at age 16. Her inspiration was her sister, who battled cancer for 18 months but ultimately passed at the age of 10. Colby continues to Commit for Life so others like her sister will have a fighting chance.

September 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Eleven-year-old Samantha wants to become a doctor so she can help others, much like others are helping her today. She suffers from sickle cell anemia and routinely receives blood from donors in the One 2 One program. Like other young girls, Samantha loves to sing, dance and play with her dolls. Thanks to Commit for Life, she stays healthy enough to continue doing so.

October 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Porter High School students are inspired to give blood and host drives by the simple fact that one donation can save three lives. “It's amazing that just a few people can help to save so many lives and loved ones,” student Savannah says. “Through Commit for Life, we can make a difference and leave a legacy to be proud of.”

November 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Hau had been a part of the Be The Match marrow donor registry for more than 10 years before he was matched with a recipient. He asked himself one question: “If I were sick, would I want someone to donate?” Hau’s answer was a resounding “yes,” and he would not hesitate to donate again if called upon.

December 2015 Commit for Life Calendar

Samuel was diagnosed with a heart condition just two days after his birth. He underwent open-heart surgery less than three months later and required blood transfusions during the seven-hour procedure. “We are grateful that the Commit for Life program exists to save the lives of our baby and others like him,” Samuel’s mother, Tracy, says.

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