Commit for Life Calendar

Each year, we select a few photos and stories from the Commit for Life photo shoot to share in the Commit for Life calendar. Share your story with us and you could be invited to our next photo shoot! 

January 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

As a Commit for Life donor, Linda has learned that helping others often means helping herself. Even if she is having a bad day, her attitude improves when she thinks about the difference her blood donations have made for others. "I always feel better after donating blood because I saved three lives!" she says.

February 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

When Robert encourages his Memorial Hermann colleagues to give during the hospital’s blood drives, he speaks with firsthand knowledge of the need. Blood donors once saved his life following a serious car accident. "This is why I started donating – to save other people’s lives like they saved mine," Robert says. As a blood drive chairperson, he has been responsible for many more lives saved.

March 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

Helping save lives by donating blood is a long-standing tradition at Huntsville High School, and these community-minded students are committed to keeping it alive. "We feel managing the blood drives is a way to support families in our community," says Linda, the blood drive chairperson. Last school year, they even broke a record, recruiting more blood donors than ever before!

April 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

Any time Kayli meets a blood donor, she makes sure to thank them. "I tell them that they have saved someone’s life, as mine was saved," she says. At age 14, Kayli needed many transfusions as she battled liver disease. She eventually received a liver transplant and is now in good health. Thanks to blood donors, this college freshman has a bright future ahead!

May 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

For Juan, being a Commit for Life donor is simply a matter of paying it forward. After he was involved in an accident many years ago, blood donations saved his life. He remains grateful for the second chance and now donates to give others the same opportunity. "Being a recipient, I know how important a reliable supply of blood is," Juan says.

June 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

Ten years ago, Frances learned why it’s so important to Commit for Life. Her son, Andre, was just 10 months old and urgently needed a blood transfusion, but there was no time for her or his father to give for him. "His life was saved because a generous person spared a few minutes of their time," Frances says. "Now, I will forever be committed."

July 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

On her 18th birthday, Elizabeth happily danced the night away – something she wasn’t able to do 10 years ago, while her arms and legs were temporarily paralyzed due to the side effects of chemotherapy. Thanks in part to Commit for Life donors, Elizabeth received multiple units of platelets over a four-year period and was able to successfully overcome brain and spine cancer.

August 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

Morgan and his wife, Glenda, are grateful to those who Commit for Life because their son, Joshua, received blood before he even entered kindergarten. Now, Joshua is in college, and the entire family is still focused on spreading the word about lives saved by blood donations. "It gives me a sense of fulfillment to help others," Morgan says.

September 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

A committed donor for 17 years, Danny was just one donation shy of giving his fifth gallon when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Although he fully recovered, Danny was unable to give for several years. When he was cleared to donate again in 2013, Danny made his long-awaited 40th donation and achieved the five-gallon milestone! "It was a great feeling and sense of accomplishment," he says.

October 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

When Tellina arrived at the hospital to give birth to her second child, she expected a normal delivery. Instead, she woke up three days later to learn she had received 20 units of blood due to unforeseen complications. "Thanks to blood donors, I am still alive and well enough to be here for my two children and family," Tellina says.

November 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

Tyler would not be alive today if blood had not been available when he was rushed to the hospital by Life Flight after a motorcycle accident. Several major veins in his neck were severed and Tyler received 48 units of blood during the surgery that ultimately saved his life. Tyler simply says, "I wouldn’t be here without people like you."

December 2014 Commit for Life Calendar

Audrina made national news in 2012 when she was born with a very rare condition that left part of her heart outside of her body. Surgeons successfully enclosed her heart within her chest, and she received blood several times during her extended hospital say. "We feel so blessed, and we want to be able to help others that also need the help she received," her mother, Ashley, says about donating.

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