Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center: Behind the Scenes

If you’ve joined us for a Blood Center tour, you’ve already seen many parts of the life-saving process up close. Learn more about these and other areas of our operations by choosing an area below.

 Bill T. Teague NDC   Consultation and
Reference Lab
  Component Production   Hospital Services

However, there is more involved in the business of saving lives. This is your opportunity to get an inside look at the rest of The Blood Center. Parts of the organization not included on the tour are highlighted here so you can see a more complete picture of what it takes to meet the blood needs of patients in our region.

Click on a section below to learn more about these other important parts of our life-saving operation. 

 Mobile Operations

  Blood Center Fleet   Medical Apheresis Suite   NDTS Lab

Download a copy of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center tour brochure.

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