Medical Apheresis Suite

In early 2011, The Blood Center began a partnership with the biotechnical company Dendreon to become the exclusive medical apheresis collection facility in the Houston area for patients receiving the breakthrough prostate cancer therapy, PROVENGE®.

These collections take place at The Blood Center's Headquarters in our first-floor medical apheresis suite. The suite currently has two beds and two collection systems, and was built to allow for growth as there is space to add one more of each. A former labeling room was also converted into a comfortable waiting room for patients’ family members.

Each white blood cell collection takes four hours, and the room gives guests a private place to relax during the procedure. In the first year of operations, the medical apheresis suite saw more than 125 procedures.

Although the medical apheresis program has so far focused exclusively on patients receiving PROVENGE®, the door is open for The Blood Center to expand its services further into the medical apheresis field.


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