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Sister’s Need Inspires Recommitment to Giving

Our Continue the Commitment promotion ended March 31, and we received some AMAZING stories from Commit for Life donors and recipients. Thank you to everyone who shared their story! If you submitted a story, you may be hearing from us regarding additional opportunities to inspire others to Commit for Life – like speaking engagements and our photo shoot.

Our final winning story in this year’s promotion was submitted by Justin Schwausch, whose commitment was renewed when his sister became a recipient.

A few years ago, we had a blood drive at my college. I didn’t think anything of it, went, and donated. Now, years later, my little sister, Jessica Schwausch, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and due to bleeding of her tumor has required receiving over 30 units of blood. Now every¬†eight weeks I will not only give blood, but also host a blood drive to get as much as possible donated.

Committing for Life for me simply means committing to save a life. My blood may not go directly to my sister, but someone is in need. There are those that are less fortunate and aren’t able to give. The importance of donating is so substantial that it really cannot be put into words. My sister wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for individuals who donate, and I hope that I can be that saving grace for a family by my donation as so many have been for me.

Thank you, Justin, for sharing your story and for Committing for Life!

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  1. Kathy Hughes

    Our family donated. Blood in Jessica’s name . There are so many factors into donated not every one that try’s can .that is why it’s so important for the one who can to commit . I have had a cousin and a sister that has needed blood for a fluke illness now we have a great friends who’s life depends on it. You never know who in your life will need it . One day it may be yourself that needs it . Now that I have my donor card I will commit as long as my body allows me too . We love Jessica she is such a fighter and her brother is an amazing man . Thank you commit for life and to all of your staff that worked so hard and stayed to get this done for us !

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