About the Commit for Life Group Program

The Commit for Life Group Program is a partnership between Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and organizations in the Texas Gulf Coast region focused on permanently increasing the blood supply. It is as easy as following our Path for Success and committing to an annual life-saving target. If you or your organization is interested in hosting a blood drive, please call (713) 791-6670 or .

How do you follow the Commit for Life Path for Success?

It takes just three simple steps:

Host At Least One Drive Per Quarter
Hosting at least one blood drive per quarter allows the dedicated donors in your organization to become Commit for Life members and helps us meet our annual life-saving goals.
Schedule The Donors
By scheduling appointments, you can ensure the blood drive runs smoothly and meets the collection goals for the community. It helps reduce wait time and maximize our life-saving efforts together.
Spread The Work
Committees spread the amount of work required between different individuals, get new and creative ideas to improve your drives, and allow other individuals to participate in this rewarding experience.

Why should you be a Commit for Life Group?

Commit for Life allows us to partner with the community to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood components. Our mission to help save and sustain lives can not be fulfilled without you. People working together to save lives by donating blood: that is what the Commit for Life Group Program is all about!

Volunteer Training, Benefits and Opportunities!

Chairpeople and their committees play an important role in making the Path for Success work. Participating in our Commit for Life Volunteer Program provides training and ideas to help you and your committee create an experience for your donors they will want to repeat again and again helping you build your donor base. The program also provides benefits and additional volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to participate in our volunteer program and be eligible for the benefits, please contact us at (713) 791-6262 or .

For additional information about hosting a blood drive or becoming a volunteer call (713) 791-6670 or .

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