Group Program Tools

Promotions & Marketing Tools

Customized Marketing Materials

The Blood Center provides customized Commit for Life marketing support materials for your blood drives including posters, flyers and table tents. In addition, we will provide reusable "Blood Drive Today" banners, arrows and yard signs.

Digital Coordinator

As a blood drive coordinator you will have access to our online program, Digital Coordinator. This is your tool to promote your blood drive, and to allow donors to schedule their appointments online. You may use it to recruit and thank donors; create, change or cancel donor appointments; and view your upcoming drives and appointment schedules. Some of the many tools available include:

  • E-Blast Tool - Your donors are loaded into your own database where you can e-mail them about your upcoming blood drive, remind them about their appointment or thank them for their last donation.
  • Chairperson Store - You will earn points for the Chairperson Store. You can use your points to purchase items to promote your blood drive, to encourage donors at a sign up table, to use as raffle items or door prizes at your drive, or to reward your recruitment team or yourself.
  • Print on Demand Marketing Materials - Although The Blood Center provides you with customized marketing materials, you have access to create additional materials with unlimited quantities and print right to your printer.
  • Print on Demand Educational Materials - You may want to provide educational materials to your donors; Print on Demand makes this possible. Select the handout you would like to distribute and print it for a fast and easy delivery.
Awareness Ads and Social Media

Use our awareness ads to encourage others to donate at your upcoming blood drive. Connect with The Blood Center's social network through social media – The Blood Center is on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the Commit for Life blog! Using Facebook to promote your blood drive? Like our page and tag Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in your posts. Marketing your blood drive on Twitter? Mention @commitforlife in your tweets.

Commit for Life Vignettes

Our Commit for Life Vignettes feature testimonials from blood donors, blood recipients and recipients’ family members, and may be used by your groups to encourage blood drive participation. Each of the individuals featured has a unique story that may be inspirational to different audiences. Some of the places groups may use these clips are: meetings, blood drive kick-off or sign-up events, website or intranet. Please click here to access the Commit for Life Vignettes.

Blood Drive Coordinator Conferences

The Blood Center host conferences for you to network with other blood drive coordinators, get the latest updates, and view the newest tools available.

Press Releases

Want your blood drive in the newspaper? The Blood Center can issue a press release to local newspapers to try to get your organization's blood drive printed in the area paper.

Outreach Coordinators

The Blood Center provides speakers for safety, management, or other meetings to educate your group, answer questions, and raise awareness about the need for blood donors.

Recruitment & Scheduling Tools

Recruit Plus Program Support

Recruit Plus is the way we will keep your donors informed about the Commit for Life program. This donor contact program includes regular e-mails and phone calls about Life Saving Opportunities, Facts About Donating Blood, and scheduling an appointment for your upcoming blood drives.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Donors can access their Digital Donor account to make an appointment online for your blood drive. They can also view their wellness results and shop the online Commit for Life store.

Recruitment Team training

We now offer volunteer training onsite at your location. The training teaches our volunteers about our Commit for Life program, Safety, Policies and Procedures, and Volunteer benefits. Once the training is complete, your recruitment team members can start earning points to use in the Commit for Life store.

Executive Sponsor Assistance

The leader in your organization can champion your blood drive and make a great impact. The Blood Center can meet with your Executives and assist with ideas for e-mail templates, letters from the leader, special messages, etc.

Access to previous donors

We provide you with a list of previous donors that you can use to contact for your upcoming blood drive. It's easier to get someone to donate again then to get someone to donate for the very first time. This list gives you a great place to start.

Benefits During and After Your Blood Drive

Account Representatives

We provide account representatives to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during your drive. These representatives will also provide reports, information and assist in scheduling your next drive.

On-site blood drives

As a community service, we provide equipment and staff on-site at your place of business for a convenient opportunity to save lives!

Qualified Professional Technicians

Our skilled screeners and phlebotomists are trained to provide a professional and friendly level of customer service in a sterile and convenient environment.

Educational Speakers

Your donor group may have questions about the donation process, therefore; we provide speakers who can answer questions about the donation process and motivate donors.

Volunteer Assistance

Volunteers are available to assist in signing up donors in advance of the drive as well as welcoming and thanking donors for their donations.

Health and Wellness

Your donors will receive a wellness check which includes the following:

  • Temperature Check;
  • Blood Pressure Check;
  • Pulse Check;
  • Hemoglobin-Level Check; and
  • Blood (ABO/Rh) Typing

Donors will also have access to track their cholesterol on line or by calling (713) 791-6373 or 1-877-948-5433. An advanced wellness check is available to gold-level donors.

Commit For Life Points

Donation points are one of the many great benefits for Commit for Life donors. Points earned can be redeemed for items in the Commit for Life store.

Recognition and Rewards

Commit for Life levels – bronze, silver and gold provides many recognition opportunities for donors. Commit for Life points are available at each donation, participation in Holiday Hugs and access to the Commit for Life store.

Silver and Gold Level Benefits

  • Chairperson Conferences - Our Chairperson conferences are a fun and interactive way to gather with other blood drive coordinators to learn more about the regional blood program in our community, creative donor recruitment techniques, and an overview of new tools.
  • Invitation and to annual Celebration of Life for Gold Level Groups - All gold level Commit for Life groups that achieve at least 100 donations in a year are invited to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's "A Celebration of Life" group recognition event.
  • Recognition at Celebration of Life and eligibility for Special Category Awards - Invitees will receive our Path for Success Award to commemorate their achievements from the previous year. This prestigious event allows Gold-level Groups to be recognized among their blood drive peers in the community. Groups are also eligible to receive special recognition.

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