Meet the Stars of Our 2012 Awareness Ads

Have you seen our new awareness ads on TV? Each features a blood donor or recipient, and each of these individuals has a story to tell. Read below to learn more about the stars of our 2012 awareness ads, and click on each person's photo to view his or her ad.

Benjamin donated blood for the first time 14 years ago, when his son, Ben, was born premature and needed blood. Today he continues his commitment to help other families facing the same need. “God has blessed me with this body, so I do an unselfish thing and give blood to help others,” Benjamin said.

When Christi began donating in honor of her childhood best friend, she never imagined that she would one day need blood herself. After receiving three units due to a complicated surgery, Christi remains grateful to other donors. “Someone else donating saved my life,” she says. “The least I can do is return the favor.”

A few years after his daughter, Hailey, received blood, Ben went to work for a company that hosted regular blood drives – and he saw the perfect opportunity to “pay it forward” by becoming a donor. “I can't pay that person back for helping save my daughter's life, but I can do the same for someone else,” he said.

In 2001, Julie experienced a terrible cancer scare. Although she was relieved to learn she did not have cancer, she still needed a major procedure in which blood transfusions were necessary. "Donating blood is a very small act that can change someone's life," Julie says.

After donating a kidney to her husband in 2010, Lori experienced complications and needed an emergency surgery. She is grateful that blood was available in her time of need. She was a blood donor before her surgery and was eager to begin donating again since becoming a recipient!

Blood was an important part of saving Pedro's life when he had heart surgery as a baby. He is now growing up healthy and strong, and his mom, Erika, repays the generosity of strangers by donating blood to help other patients in need.

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