High School Program FAQs

What is the Commit for Life High School Program?

The High School Program is a partnership between your school and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center focused on saving lives today and in the future by providing education and community outreach for young people.

Why Should We Participate in the High School Program?

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center understands that high schools’ number-one job is education and preparation of our youth for the future. The Commit for Life High School Program creates a positive experience for teens and is designed specifically to address and solve the unique needs and concerns associated with high school blood drives.

Are 16-Year-Olds Eligible to Donate?

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is taking another monumental step to help increase the blood supply in our region. As of May 1, 2007, The Blood Center accepts whole blood donations from 16-year-old donors with their parents’ consent (see below for forms). By becoming a blood donor, 16-year-olds are showing great civic responsibility, maturity and a sense of community pride by saving up to three lives with one donation.

To be eligible, individuals who are 16 years old, 122 pounds, are in general good health and receive permission from their parents or guardian can donate blood. At this time, donations from 16-year-old donors are limited to only whole blood donations. Of course, individuals who are at least 17 years old, 110 pounds and in general good health also can donate.

Please Commit for Life by donating at least once every quarter, and spread the word letting your friends and family members know about this new opportunity.

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