Have you used CFLexpress yet?


CFLexpress is a Commit for Life benefit that allows donors to save time at the donation site by completing their health history interview in the comfort of their home or office.

Access CFLexpress via the link below. Upon completing the interview, you may print your CFLexpress ticket immediately, or email or save it to be printed later. You must print the ticket before you arrive at the donation site. There, the collections staff will scan the barcodes on the ticket to retrieve your data.

IMPORTANT: Your CFLexpress ticket is only valid for a donation on the same calendar day you complete the interview and print the ticket. If you arrive at the donation site with an invalid ticket, you will be required to retake the health history interview there.

Short form questionnaire: As of May 23, 2016, the donor history questionnaire is changing. Therefore, all donors, including those who previously qualified to take the abbreviated questionnaire, must re-start the process of qualifying for the abbreviated version.

• If you make two successful donations May 23 or later using the new standard form questionnaire, you will be eligible to use the short form questionnaire for your next donation, if within six months of the second donation.

Log in to Digital Donor and click on the CFLexpress button on the welcome screen. Based on your donation history, you will be directed to either the standard or short form questionnaire. You may not use the short form on CFLexpress without logging in through Digital Donor first.

• You will be able to continue using the short form as long as you successfully donate at least once every six months. If more than six months passes between donations, you will be directed to the standard form again, and must complete two donations using the standard form before re-qualifying to use the short form within six months.

To complete the standard form questionnaire without logging into Digital Donor, click here and begin using CFLexpress now.

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