About Commit for Life

In 2003, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center launched Commit for Life, a partnership with the community focused on saving lives and permanently increasing the blood supply.

Before Commit for Life was launched, The Blood Center conducted focus groups and learned that many individuals loved the idea of helping others, but felt the images of blood and needles took the focus away from the ultimate reason for giving – saving lives.

Commit for Life brought a new way of doing business to The Blood Center, focusing on the lives saved, rather than on the act of donating blood. Now The Blood Center's promotional materials feature the smiling faces of donors, recipients, volunteers and employees, rather than images of needles or blood bags.

There are several ways you can Commit for Life.

As a donor

There is no substitute for blood, and more than 1,000 donations are needed every day to help save lives in the Texas Gulf Coast region. That is why we encourage individuals to Commit for Life to help ensure a healthy blood supply is always available.

As a group

Making the donation opportunity as convenient as possible is key to ensuring a healthy blood supply. Businesses, faith-based organizations, schools and more schedule blood drives on a regular basis to help ensure their members can Commit for Life.

As a volunteer

Individuals who Commit for Life can save up to three lives with every donation, which means a volunteer who recruits 20 donors can help save up to 60 lives! From assisting with a blood drive to helping with an event, many volunteer opportunities are available.

As an employee

From those who interact with donors at blood drives and Neighborhood Donor Centers to those who support our mission behind the scenes, all employees play an essential role in helping save patients’ lives.


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