How the Point System Works

Earning Commit for Life store points is one of many great benefits for Commit for Life  donors. Check out the Commit for Life store to see what your points can buy!

Whole Blood 400 1
Directed Whole Blood 400 1
Hemochromatosis/TRT Donor Whole Blood 400 1
Plasma 500 1
Directed Plasma 500 1
Red Cell and Plasma 500 2
Double Red Cells 750 2
Directed Double Red Cells 750 2
Directed Plasma/Red Cell or Directed Platelet/Plasma 500 1
Platelet, and Red Cell or Plasma singly or in combination 500 2
Platelet, single 500 1
Directed Platelet, single 500 1
Platelet, split (double) 500 2
Platelet, triple 500 2
All autologous donations 0 1
Any therapeutic donation 0 0
Ineligible donation 100 0
Volunteer hours 10 per hour 0

* Credits per donation/credits toward Commit for Life level

More Ways To Earn Commit for Life Points

CFL Sign-Up Bonus

Donors will receive 200 bonus points for joining the Commit for Life program.

Appointment-Kept Bonus

Donors who schedule a donation with The Blood Center's tele-recruitment department or via Digital Donor, and keep their scheduled appointments will receive 200 bonus points. This applies only to donations scheduled at least one day in advance.

Save Your Commit for Life  Store Points

When a donor reaches 15 months with no donation activity, his or her Commit for Life points will be donated back to The Blood Center. Inactive donors are encouraged to resume their donations before reaching the 15-month mark to keep their points from expiring and, more importantly, help save more lives.

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