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Since the beginning of the Commit for Life program, our dedicated blood donors have helped save millions of lives, and we could not be more grateful or proud. 

On Sept. 6, 2017, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center launched an updated Commit for Life program designed to make helping patients as easy and rewarding as possible for blood donors.

Read the FAQs to learn more about the program and how you can make the greatest difference for patients by Committing for Life.

What is it?

What is Commit for Life?

It is a partnership between you and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center that is focused on saving lives, today and in the future. The program consists of three easy steps that reward your commitment to saving lives.

How does the program work?

If you have never donated before, you will become a Commit for Life Bronze member upon your first attempted donation. You will receive a welcome packet in the mail with a special gift and all the information you need to get the most out of your CFL membership. Earn points for donating and taking other actions to promote The Blood Center’s mission, and redeem your points in the Commit for Life store. Earn additional benefits as you reach the Silver and Gold levels by donating more often. 

What are the steps to Commit for Life as a donor?

  1. Donate regularly.
    Regular donations are essential to an adequate blood supply. Depending on your eligibility, you should donate whole blood at least every six months, or more frequently for plasma and platelet donations. Give as often as you can and earn points for every donation.

  2. Connect with us.
    Whether you prefer to hear from The Blood Center via email, phone or social media, you can participate as a Commit for Life member by staying informed. Earn CFL store points for each way you connect with us.

  3. Spread the word.
    Nothing is more powerful than hearing about the importance of blood donations from a Commit for Life donor. Tell your friends and family how they can save lives. Soon, look for the opportunity to earn referral points when they begin donating as well! 

Why should I Commit for Life?

There is no substitute for blood. It must be voluntarily donated by one person to be given to another. The need for different blood components – like red blood cells, platelets, plasma and source plasma – is constant. Giving on an ongoing basis helps ensure blood components are always available for the patients we serve.

Where can I Commit for Life?

We have 17 Neighborhood Donor Centers conveniently located throughout the greater Houston area, Lufkin, Nacogdoches and College Station. Additionally, we have regular mobile blood drives at local businesses, churches, schools and other organizations within our 26-county region. Find a location near you.

How do I Commit for Life?

How do I join the Commit for Life program?

When you attempt to donate, you are enrolled in the Commit for Life program at the Bronze level. If you make a successful donation, you automatically reach the Silver level.

Who may Commit for Life?

The Commit for Life program as outlined above is for blood donors. However, there are opportunities for volunteers and blood drive groups to Commit for Life as well following their own set of steps.

I am registered in Digital Donor. Am I a Commit for Life member?

If you have made at least one donation attempt, you are a Commit for Life member.

Levels and Benefits

What are the levels of the new Commit for Life program?

Membership level is determined by donation activity in a calendar year. The donor starts the next year at the same level with the opportunity to move up. If a donor has no donation activity in one year, his or her level is reset to Bronze the following year.

  • Bronze – Donor makes at least one attempted donation in a calendar year.
  • Silver – Donor makes one or two successful donations in a calendar year.
  • Gold – Donor makes three or more successful donations in a calendar year (two if double red cells).

Is membership still based on a calendar year?

The first membership year will be Sept. 6, 2017, to Dec. 31, 2018. After that, all activity will be based on a calendar year. An individual’s donation activity in a calendar year determines his or her level for the rest of that year and the start of the following year. Donors have the opportunity to move to a higher level the next year by donating more often. If a donor has no donation activity in a calendar year, his or her level will be reset to Bronze the next year.

My group only has two drives per year. How do I become a Gold member?

If you would like to give more often, there are plenty of opportunities! Find a Neighborhood Donor Center or another mobile blood drive near you, so that you can make three donations in a calendar year. You may also let your group's blood drive chairperson know that you are interested in donating more frequently so they may consider hosting additional blood drives.

Why are you asking me to make an appointment?

Scheduling your donation allows us to plan ahead, ensuring we have the appropriate staff and resources on hand when you go to donate. It also helps us better manage our blood supply so we can ensure patients receive the donations they need. There is no penalty for not scheduling your donation – only a bonus for doing so, with even more points offered for scheduling your next donation on the day you donate.

If I am late to my appointment, will I still get my points?

Yes, as long as you donate on the day of your appointment, you will be awarded the points earned for scheduling in advance.

What are the program benefits?





Commit for Life membership card

Points earned for attempted donation

Opportunity to learn your blood type

Bonus points for Same-Day Rescheduling

Bonus points for Appointment Kept

Access to Commit for Life store

Points earned for donating blood


Wellness check with every donation


Access to Commit for Life Gold store



Complimentary Advanced Wellness Check



Complimentary entry in Holiday Hugs Delivery Raffle



How do I take advantage of my Advanced Wellness Check as a Gold member?

Gold members receive one complimentary Advanced Wellness Check per year. To make arrangements to have your complimentary Advanced Wellness Check at one of our Neighborhood Donor Centers, contact us at (713)791-6260 or 1(800) 791-1666. If you would like to receive more than one per year, or if you are a Bronze or Silver member who would like an Advanced Wellness Check, you may place an order through the Commit for Life store using your points, and we will contact you to make arrangements.

To obtain accurate results, a blood sample should be taken when the individual has been fasting (no food or drink for 12 hours). Therefore, you will not be able to have a sample drawn for testing at the same time you donate blood. 

What if I want to donate without being a Commit for Life member?

Although you are automatically enrolled in the program upon making an attempted donation, you have the opportunity to set your own contact preferences. If you do not wish to use CFL Store points, we encourage you to donate them back to The Blood Center to help support our mission.

How Points Work

How do I earn points?

There are several opportunities to earn points.

Donation Points

    • Whole blood donation – 400 points
    • Automated donation – 600 points
    • Onsite deferral – 100 points


Same-Day Rescheduling Bonus – 100 points
On the day that you donate, schedule your next appointment to earn a bonus. Along with points for the Appointment-Kept Bonus (below), you will receive these points when you keep your scheduled appointment.


Appointment-Kept Bonus – 100 points
Schedule your next donation and earn a bonus when you keep your appointment! Appointments must be made at least one day before your donation.

I donated yesterday, but my points aren't showing up in your system.

It may take up to a week for points to be added to your account.  If in seven days, your points are not available, please call us at (713) 791-6373 and let us know.

How do I get to the Commit for Life Store?

Visit and hover over the Commit for Life tab in the main menu. Select Commit for Life Store Preview to view the items available. When you are ready to go shopping, go to Digital Donor, sign in and follow the links.

How does someone redeem their points if they don't have web access?

The donor may call (713) 791-6373 and place an order with our Customer Service staff.

May I still earn points even if I've been deferred?

Yes, you earn 100 points for your onsite deferral.

May I transfer my points to someone else?

These points are one way that we may thank you for saving lives by donating blood. You will not be able to transfer them to another person. We appreciate that you might not wish to use them for yourself and if you so choose, you may donate them back to The Blood Center.

Do points ever expire?

After 15 months in which you have no donation activity, your points will be donated back to The Blood Center. We will send you email notifications at 12, 13 and 14 months since your last activity to notify you that your points will expire if you do not attempt to donate by the 15-month mark.

May I give points back?

Yes, you may donate your points back to support The Blood Center in a variety of ways through the Commit for Life Store.

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