Giving at a Neighborhood Donor Center

Earn Additional Points for Your Donation!

Did you know? You can earn additional points by giving blood on designated days at any Neighborhood Donor Center and use those points to buy cool items from the Commit for Life store! Just pick one of the days listed to the right and donate at any Neighborhood Donor Center to receive the corresponding points, plus your usual donation points!

More benefits to giving at a Neighborhood Donor Center:

  • Purchasing Power on the Commit for Life Store
    Your point totals will grow faster if you give on Neighborhood Donor Center Special Days, allowing you to purchase store items sooner! Use your points to purchase exclusive T-shirts, bags and more through the online Commit for Life Store. View Commit for Life Store items in the display case at your local Neighborhood Donor Center.
  • More Apheresis Donation Options
    Equipment for certain types of apheresis donations, including platelets, is only available at Neighborhood Donor Centers. You can donate platelets every seven days, up to 24 times per year, helping save even more lives!
  • Fresh-Baked Cookies and Entertainment for the Kids
    Our Neighborhood Donor Centers have cozy donor relaxation areas where you can enjoy fresh-baked cookies after donating! Most also have a children's play area, equipped with toys and video games, where children can safely play while their parents donate.
  • 16 Convenient Locations
    We have 16 conveniently located Neighborhood Donor Centers throughout the greater Houston, Brazos Valley and East Texas regions, making it easy to save lives at a time and place convenient to you. Click on the compass image to find the Neighborhood Donor Center closest to you.
  • CFLexpress
    Save time at your Neighborhood Donor Center by using CFLexpress to complete the required, pre-donation health history interview from the comfort of your own home or office. CFLexpress is a Commit for Life benefit that makes it even easier to help save lives.

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