June 15, 2012

Appointment-Kept Bonus Doubling on July 1

Beginning July 1, donors will have an even greater incentive to schedule their blood donations in advance. The Appointment-Kept Bonus, which currently awards donors 100 Commit for Life store points for keeping their scheduled appointments, will increase to 200 points.

When you schedule your donation, not only do you ensure as convenient and efficient a donation experience as possible, as possible wait times are eliminated, you also help The Blood Center to be prepared by assigning the appropriate staff and resources to drives and donor centers.

Summer is an especially important time for donors to remember the importance of Committing for Life. As schedules change due to kids being out of school and families going on vacation, many regular donors become busy and forget about the need to donate.

More than 1,000 blood donations are required by patients in the Texas Gulf Coast region every day, so it is essential that donors continue their commitment at all times of year.

To schedule your next donation and take advantage of the increased Appointment-Kept Bonus, as well as the Double Donation Points promotion that continues through July, visit Digital Donor or call us at 1(888) 482-5663.

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