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On November 26th, 2008 at my church(JamatKhana) someone explained to us that a girl needed a bone marrow transplant and that the transplant was the only hope for her survival. He explained to us the donation process also, but, in lieu of paying attention to the speaker, all I was thinking was that a life can be saved. Along with my friends I gave my cheek swab samples for registration.

That evening, once I left Jamat Khana, I forgot all about the registration and focused on my family. After almost one year, in September, 2009, I received a phone call from Martha from the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). She informed me that I might be a potential match for a child in need of a transplant. She asked me to call her back if I would be interested in donating. That evening I talked to my husband and he supported me with full heart. The next day I called Martha to show my interest in going further with this. She arranged further testing for the same. Almost after six weeks she called me again to inform me that I was a good match for the child and that I was the best hope for that one-year-old child. That afternoon I talked to my sisters-in- law about my decision to donate my marrow and all of them supported me. We did not know the details of the donation process; all we knew was that a child's life could be saved and it would be a little painful for me, but there would not be any long-term side effects . Since my daughter was just three years old that time; my sister-in-law took care of my daughter while I made my donation.

On December 8th 2009, the day of the donation, Martha sent a ride to bring me to the hospital. Martha and the other staff were waiting for me at the Methodist hospital. There, I remembered receiving anesthesia and after that I do not remember anything until I opened my eyes and I found myself surrounded by smiling faces of hospital staff and my three sisters-in-law. I was still dizzy when I came home with my family. After reaching home again, I went to sleep and woke up the next morning. I was almost fine except my back was a little bit sore. In the afternoon, my sisters-in-law came and they were surprised to see me cooking in the kitchen. They wanted me to rest, but I was feeling fine enough to work around the house. I did feel a little bit of back pain for a week, but I could easily manage household work including driving. My daughter is now five-years-old. Sometimes when I look at her I feel internal happiness that another mother is also playing with her child. I am so grateful to MOLLAH(GOD) for choosing me for this SABAB(donation).

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