Rajesh Ramanathan - Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Recipient

Rajesh Ramanathan's family picture

I was an AML patient looking for an unrelated match and after a long search was able to find it only in the US through NMDP. My unrelated donor transplant (MUD) was completed in 2008 and my the doctors at Vellore are happy with my results as it is three year after my treatment. I am leading a normal professional and personal life. You can also access the detailed information through the following website.

I consider myself lucky that mine and my family's dreams come true because an unknown guardian angel donated his/her marrow to make the difference in my life. You could be that guardian angel to patients like me; make their dreams come true by registering to be a marrow/stem cell donor.

It is my humble request / plea to urge each one of you to seriously consider being a marrow/stem cell donor. A small step from your side may be able to provide the patients like me with hope and a second chance at life.

Thanks for your consideration.

Rajesh Ramanathan

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