Commit for Life Vignettes

These Commit for Life vignettes feature testimonials by blood donors, blood recipients and recipients’ family members. Each of the individuals featured has a unique, inspirational story.

There are several ways you can Commit for Life

Bobby's Commit for Life Story

Bobby encourages African-Americans to help sickle cell patients like his daughter, who needs closely matched blood that often comes from donors of the same ethnicity.

Video Length: 2:28

Chris’s Commit for Life Story

Chris learned his cholesterol was high by checking Digital Donor after a donation. Here, he talks about the health benefits of being a blood donor.  

Video Length: 0:33

Enrique’s Commit for Life Story

Enrique talks about donating in honor of his sister, a scoliosis patient who has received blood. 

Video Length: 0:39

John and Lacey’s Commit for Life Story

John and Lacey talk about the role strangers played in saving their son’s life when he needed blood upon being diagnosed with leukemia. 

Video Length: 2:17

Marc and Jade’s Commit for Life Story

Jade was born premature and needed several units of blood as an infant. Her father, Marc, expresses his gratitude for those who made blood available. 

Video Length: 1:05

Mohammed’s Commit for Life Story

Mohammed began giving blood at school and now encourages his classmates to do the same. He talks about the power everyone has to make a difference by donating blood. 

Video Length: 1:00

Shelley’s Commit for Life Story

Shelley discusses how her son, Trey, was diagnosed with cancer as an infant and relied on volunteer blood donors throughout his treatment. 

Video Length: 5:45

Susan’s Commit for Life Story

Susan O’Donnell, a former, longtime DJ at 89.3 KSBJ, is a two-time blood recipient. She expresses her gratitude for blood donors who helped her become a first-time grandmother. 

Video Length: 0:42

Zach and Debbie’s Commit for Life Story

Debbi tells the story of Zach’s cancer diagnosis and the role blood donors played in helping save his life. 

Video Length: 2:04

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