Brand Guide

The guidelines contained here are intended to help ensure that the Commit for Life brand is consistently delivered to the public.

Commit for Life is a partnership between the community and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to save lives today, and in the future. Commit for Life focuses on the life-saving result of donating blood, rather than the physical act itself.

Here are a few guidelines for employees, chairpersons, media and others spreading the word about Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center:

  • All images promoting blood drives or concerning the act of blood donation should focus on the personal impact of life-saving donations. Photos of blood donors should emphasize the people, rather than the instruments or physical process,involved.
  • Commit for Life is bold italic.
  • Do not precede Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center with "the." (For example, "Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is a Texas Medical Center member institution," not "The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is a Texas Medical Center member institution.")
  • On second reference, use The Blood Center, never GCRBC. 
  • The Blood Center prefers to avoid using the phrase, "the gift of life," as this phrase is associated with other blood collection agencies with whom we are not affiliated.

Printed Brand Examples

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Brand Guide Examples

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