Commit for Life as a Donor

Commit for Life is a partnership between you and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center that is focused on saving lives, today... and in the future.

In 2015, the Commit for Life program has evolved to focus on rewarding donors for giving the most-needed components - what we call an "optimum donation," which our staff will recommend to each donor at the time of their donation.

These are the three steps for a donor to Commit for Life.

How do I Commit for Life?

Know how your type matters.

You're the type of person who understands the value of helping others. Every day, patients depend on  donors like you to provide many types of blood donations that help in different ways. No matter what your blood type is, your type matters.

Donate what matters today.

Patient needs change daily and certain blood components may be more in-demand from each donor. Our staff will let you know how you can make the most of your donation by giving what’s needed today - your optimum donation.

Commit to your next donation.

The need for blood donations is ongoing. You can ensure a steady blood supply is available for ever-changing patient needs by giving again as soon as you’re eligible. Each time you donate, be sure to plan your next donation.

Membership Levels


  • Previous member and bronze donors
  • One optimum donation per year
  • Previous silver and gold donors
  • At least three optimum donations per year
  • Only two optimum donations required if double red cells



Commit for Life Benefits


CFL Select
One optimum donation per calendar year

CFL Elite
Three optimum donations per calendar year*

Points Received After Each Donation
Individuals who achieve CFL Select status are eligible to receive points for making optimum donations, other donations, keeping scheduled appointments and more.

CFL-Select -Icon

CFL-Elite -Icon

Access to Commit for Life Store
Use CFL points to purchase items apparel, backpacks, fitness gear and more, accessible through Digital Donor.

Wellness Check
Log onto Digital Donor to view your health check results after each donation.

Commit for Life Select Card
Available for members to order from the CFL store


Commit for Life Elite Card
This special card is available to order from the CFL Store once a donor reaches the Elite level.


Elite Commit for Life Store
Exclusive access to premium store items, which will automatically appear in the CFL Store for Elite members


Commit for Life Calendar
Elite members may order the calendar for 300 points each to cover shipping and handling; each calendar is 500 points for Select members.


Complimentary Advanced Wellness Check**
The Advanced Wellness Check consists of a lipid profile (fasting cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides).


Health Statement (past 12 months)**
Receive all your Wellness Check results from the previous 12 months in a convenient printed report.


Entry into Holiday Hugs Delivery Raffle**
Enter for a chance to join The Blood Center’s staff in delivering teddy bears to local hospitals.


*Two donations if double red cells.

**Elite members receive one complimentary and may use CFL points to purchase additional. Select members may purchase with CFL points.

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