How the Point System Works

Earning Commit for Life store points is one of many great benefits for Commit for Life  donors. Check out the Commit for Life store to see what your points can buy!

As of Oct. 6, 2015, donors are rewarded for giving the most-needed components via the point system below. Each time you donate, our staff will recommend your optimum donation - a donation type based on your blood type, eligibility and current patient needs. Give your optimum donation and receive the maximum number of points available.

Donate what matters today.
Optimum donation 600 points
Non-optimum donation 200 points
Commit to your next donation.  
Within one month of your last donation* 200 points
More than one month after your last donation* 100 points

*Points will be applied when scheduled appointment is kept. Also applies to appointments made after an onsite deferral.

Save Your Commit for Life  Store Points

When a donor reaches 15 months with no donation activity, his or her Commit for Life points will be donated back to The Blood Center. Inactive donors are encouraged to resume their donations before reaching the 15-month mark to keep their points from expiring and, more importantly, help save more lives.

As of Oct. 6, 2015, at least one optimum donation will be required per year to maintain CFL membership. (Oct. 6, 2015, to Dec. 31, 2016, will be counted as the first program year.) If you do not maintain your membership, but you continue donating, you will save any points already in your account, but not accrue more points until you make an optimum donation and restore your membership.

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