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The Mobile Operations Complex is an 85,000-square-foot facility at 9990 Fannin, about two miles south of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s Headquarters. It is home to the Donor Collections Department and serves as the launching site for more than 6,000 mobile blood drives that take place every year.

Originally designed to replace Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's onsite warehouse, which was destroyed in an electrical fire in 2005, the Mobile Operations Complex also houses the organization’s Central Supply warehouse and Vehicle Maintenance shop. More than 200 of our approximately 700 employees are based at this location.

The facility was constructed using “green” practices, including:

  • Thermal mass walls for decreased energy use
  • Use of regional materials during construction
  • Recycling of construction materials during construction
  • Use of low-emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the interior

The building opened in spring 2009 and continues to operate using environmentally friendly features, like:

  • Prominent use of daylight and daylight views throughout 
  • The solar orientation of the building, to minimize heat load
  • Lower water usage in landscape irrigation and dual-flush options in the restrooms
  •  Daily recycling opportunities
  • Encouragement of alternate vehicle use by the provision of premium parking and bike racks

“In building the Mobile Operations Complex, our vision was to seek further opportunities to give back by building greentaking fewer resources from our community and leading to greater sustainability for the environment,” Melissa Fisher, Chief Financial Officer, said at the time of the building's opening.

The Mobile Operations Complex achieved silver-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in 2010.

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