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Cellular Life Solutions Receives FACT Accreditation


Cellular Life Solutions, a division of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, now has FACT accreditation, marking it as a premier collection center for cellular therapy products.   

The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy recognizes institutions that demonstrate top-quality care and products in the field of biotechnology. Cellular Life Solutions is honored to have earned this distinction after undergoing a rigorous series of inspections to ensure its products meet the highest standards.  

 “FACT accreditation sets us apart from many blood centers by providing an industry-recognized accreditation specifically for cellular therapy,” said Karen Wooten-Miller, Director of Cellular Life Solutions. “When potential clients ask about our quality management program, being able to say we are also FACT accredited gives them an additional  and higher level of assurance regarding our processes and products.” 

The accreditation is the threshold for excellence in cellular therapy and a signal to all that patient needs are paramount to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  

Transplant physicians and patients are more confident when products come from a FACT-accredited disease, and international biotech companies seeking quality cellular products rely on FACT standards. In fact, FACT inspectors are considered experts in the cellular therapy field.   

Currently, Cellular Life Solution is working with a biotech company by providing mononuclear cells (also called T-cells or white blood cells) for work on COVID-19 and leukemia. Immunotherapy is at the forefront of the development of new treatments for serious diseases. In this therapy, cells or cellular products may stimulate or restore the ability of the body’s immune system to fight infection and disease, including cancer.


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