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Join Our Community's Heroes to Battle and Save Lives

Gear up for the ultimate showdown as our community's police and firefighters "battle" it out to see who can save the most lives this summer—one pint of blood at a time! Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is hosting its annual Battle of the Badges campaign, aimed at ensuring a sufficient blood supply for our community while honoring the courageous efforts of our local police and fire departments from July 1-5, 2024.

Battle of the Badges is an initiative to support our community's blood supply during a critical time and honor our first responders' dedication. The campaign unites the community and shows appreciation to those who serve us daily.

Donors will receive a Battle of the Badges hat and an Olympic-themed T-shirt when they successfully donate at any of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's 18 centers or mobile drives. Donors should credit BOBP (Police) or BOBF (Fire) when they donate. Additionally, donors who donate July 1-3 will receive a complimentary ticket to this year's Freedom Over Texas, Houston's signature 4th of July celebration.

Every donation will significantly impact those in need and save lives in emergencies, especially during the summer when blood products are low due to school breaks and increased travel. Our community needs 1,000 blood donations daily to meet the needs of local hospitals. Donating blood is easy and takes just one hour. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a sufficient blood supply for our community while honoring our local heroes!

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