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Medical Pioneer Dr. Rossmann Retires: Celebrating a Legacy of Lifesaving Leadershi

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center proudly announces the retirement of Dr. Susan Rossmann, MD, Ph.D., its esteemed former Chief Medical Officer. Over two decades, she has made a profound impact on the field of transfusion medicine and the entire medical community.

Dr. Rossmann began her journey with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in 2001 as the Medical Director. In 2004, she made history by becoming the center's first Chief Medical Officer. Her unwavering commitment to advancing the quality and safety of blood transfusion practices has led to remarkable progress in the field.

Before her tenure at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Dr. Rossmann served as head of the blood bank at Texas Children's Hospital. She also held academic appointments at The University of Texas Health Science Center and Baylor College of Medicine. Her dedication to patient care and education has left a lasting mark on the healthcare community.

Her leadership extended beyond Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, as she played pivotal roles in various professional medical organizations. Within AABB (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies), she served as a volunteer assessor, chaired the Donor History Task Force, and contributed to multiple committees, including the editorial board of Transfusion. Her contributions to AABB have been instrumental in shaping industry standards and ensuring the safety of blood products.

Dr. Rossmann's dedication to improving healthcare and patient outcomes was evident in her leadership and committee roles within America's Blood Centers, the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research, the College of American Pathologists, the National Marrow Donor Program, and more. Her contributions to these organizations have been instrumental in shaping industry standards and ensuring the safety of blood products.

"Dr. Susan Rossmann's retirement marks the end of an era," said Beth Hartwell, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. "Her passion, dedication, and leadership have driven our commitment to ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply for our community. Although she may not have realized it, she has served as a role model and mentor to many, me included. We are immensely grateful for her extraordinary contributions and wish her a well-deserved retirement filled with happiness and new adventures," said Dr. Hartwell.

As Dr. Rossmann embarks on this new chapter of her life, her legacy will continue to shine through the countless lives she has touched and the lasting impact she has had on the field of transfusion medicine. Her dedication to the mission of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and her tireless efforts to save lives will be remembered with gratitude and admiration.


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Susan Rossmann on her retirement and thanking her for her incredible contributions to the medical community and the cause of blood donation and transfusion safety We prepared a Dropbox to collect all the memories for Dr. Rossmann. We encourage you to upload photos that capture beloved memories with Dr. Rossmann. You can also record a video or pen a heartfelt message that will be cherished forever. Please upload your memories and messages here:

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