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The Woodlands Donor Center

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is excited to announce the grand reopening of its newly upgraded Woodlands Neighborhood Donor Center located at 3091 College Park Dr. Ste 130, Woodlands, TX 77384, on December 13 from noon to 2 p.m. This significant event represents a leap forward in our commitment to elevating the donor experience and expanding our lifesaving capabilities in blood and cellular donations.

The existing space has been transformed to feature a more extensive donor area. This upgrade allowed for additional donor beds, increasing our ability to serve the community efficiently and save more lives through blood donations. The number of donor beds has risen from 11 to a more accommodating 16, allowing us to welcome more donors through our doors.

A noteworthy addition to the facility is the introduction of a Cellular Life Solutions apheresis collection suite. Cellular Life Solutions performs specialized apheresis collections to collect immune system cells that defend the body against infectious diseases and foreign materials. The collected cells are used for existing clinical cellular therapy protocols or research and development to create new cellular treatment options for patients. This specialized suite represents our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, providing an advanced space for cellular donations.

Beyond the physical changes, these upgrades aim to significantly boost the number of donor procedures conducted at the Woodlands donor center. By creating a dedicated suite for Cellular Life Solutions, we aim to offer our donors an additional and geographically convenient location. This expansion serves our commitment to efficiency and fosters a sense of community engagement and support.

We invite members of our community, partners, and supporters to join us in celebrating the grand reopening of our Woodlands donor center. The event offers guided tours of the enhanced facility, an opportunity to meet our dedicated Woodlands staff, and insights into the profound impact of blood and cellular donations in saving lives.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is a nonprofit organization accredited by the Food and Drug Administration and the sole provider of blood and blood components 24/7 to more than 170 hospitals and health care facilities in a 26-county Texas Gulf Coast region. 


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