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Find the common ailment or illness you are looking for and read the comments for that condition. 



Diabetesfeeling well and healthy 

You can donate 


You can donate 30 days after your symptoms disappear


You can donate two days after your symptoms are gone 

Eczemano infected lesions 

You can donate 

Headache - Severe Migraine 

You can donate one day after your headache disappears 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (having abdominal discomfort) 

You can donate two days after symptoms disappear 


You can donate 

Psoriasistaking Acitretin, SoriataneStelara or Tegison 

You cannot donate 


You can donate 30 days after you recover 

Poison Ivy (no lesions in venipuncture area) 

You can donate 

Ringworm (not in venipuncture area) 

You can donate 

Stroke related to heart, embolism and head

You can donate if it has been more than six months since the stroke and your condition is stable. 

Thyroid - Hypo/Hyper - controlled with medication 

You can donate 

Ulcerative Colitisno medication taken 

You can donate 

Ulcerative Colitistaking Asacol 

You can donate 

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) 

You can donate two days after treatment is finished  


Can donate if donor had no seizures in the past six months


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