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Find the shot/vaccination you are looking for and read the comments for that shot/vaccination. 



Allergy shot 

You can donate 

Botox injection 

You can donate two days after your injection 

Chickenpox (varicella-zoster) vaccination 

You can donate four weeks after your vaccination 

COVID-19 vaccine 

You can donate blood. There are several vaccines being used in clinical trials and some of these vaccines are available for general use. Read more. 

Flu shot (including H1N1) or FluMist 

You can donate 

Gamma Globulin – HBIG (exposure to hepatitis) 

You can donate one year after your injection 

Gardasil (human papillomavirus) 

You can donate 

Havrix (hepatitis A vaccine) 

You can donate four weeks after your vaccination 

Heptavax (hepatitis B vaccine) 

You can donate four weeks after your vaccination 


You can donate 


You can donate 


You can donate 

Pneumonia vaccination 

You can donate 

Rabies (animal bite) 

You can donate

Routine TB test 

You can donate 

Shingles vaccination 

Zostavax: You can donate four weeks after your donation  

Shingrix: You can donate. 

Steroid injection (joint) 

You can donate if given for pain or inflammation. There is no deferral for steroid injections in the knee. You can donate after one month if given for infection.

Steroid injection (intramuscular) 

You can donate three days after the shot

TB test for exposure 

You can donate after three days or until the test has been read 

Tetanus Booster 

You can donate 

Avodart (dutasteride) was approved on October 10, 2002, and became available for prescription in December 2002. Like Proscar (finasteride), it is for the treatment of symptomatic benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) in men. However, it is considerably more potent. You must wait 6 months after your last dose before you can donate.

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