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Platelets make up less than 1% of our blood. They help our body repair damaged blood vessels. The delicate blood component is crucial for healing many patients, especially those battling cancer. We encourage our donors to give platelets through an automated system. The equipment draws blood, separates the platelets, and returns the other components to the donor.

Why Platelet Donations Matter

Platelet donations are vital for cancer patients and individuals undergoing medical treatments. Your donation can prevent severe bleeding, support chemotherapy, aid in surgeries, and provide crucial care for trauma victims and premature infants.


How Often Can You Donate Platelets?

You can donate platelets every seven days, up to 24 times a year. While donating frequently is not required, we encourage our donors to donate as often as possible. If you make a platelet donation, you must wait three days before making a whole blood donation.


How Can You Help?

· Be Consistent: Donate a minimum of four successful platelet donations each quarter.

· Spread the Word by sharing the importance of platelet donations with friends, family, and colleagues.

· Get Involved: Share your donation journey on social media and inspire others to join.


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