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Platelets, though small, are mighty elements of our blood, making up less than 1% of its volume. Platelets are essential for repairing damaged blood vessels and significantly contribute to the healing process, making them particularly vital for individuals battling cancer. Thanks to automated technology, the platelets are isolated for donation, while other blood components are returned to your body.


How Often Can You Donate Platelets?

You can donate platelets every seven days, up to 24 times a year. While donating frequently is not required, we encourage our donors to donate as often as possible. If you make a platelet donation, you must wait three days before making a whole blood donation.


How Can You Help?

· Be Consistent: Donate a minimum of four successful platelet donations each quarter.

· Spread the Word: Share the importance of platelet donations with friends, family, and colleagues.

· Get Involved: Share your donation journey on social media and inspire others to help.


Go Gold for Life

In 2024, be Gold for Life and contribute to the well-being of local patients by donating a minimum of four platelet donations each quarter while receiving rewards and incentives.

Earn Rewards:

  • After each platelet donation, your Digital Donor account will be credited with 65 points.
  • Receive a $50 bonus in points at the close of each quarter by making at least four platelet donations within that period. To maximize rewards, donate every quarter! Note: The bonus is awarded for completing four successful platelet visits, not based on the components donated.
  • Each quarter is a fresh start. If you didn't meet the milestone in one quarter, you can try to earn the bonus points again by donating platelets a minimum of four times during the following quarter. The quarters are as follows: Jan 2-Mar 31, Apr 1-Jun 30, Jul 1-Sep 30, Oct 1-Dec 31. 
  • To begin earning points, you must create a Digital Donor account. New donors and those who don’t have an account need to create one within 30 days of donating, or you will lose the points.

Redeem your Rewards: 

Log in to your Digital Donor account to redeem points for digital gift cards in the Donor Rewards Store. Ensure your email is current to receive your digital gift card.

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