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A transplant may be a patient’s only hope for a cure. But patients need donors who are a close match.

While millions have joined Be The Match Registry®, many patients still can’t find a match, particularly those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Your contributions help us recruit and add more potential donors to the registry so transplants can become a reality for all patients.

Meet Roman Shen

Roman has a rare disease called Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. As a result of the disease, Roman has a weakened immune system—and something as common as a cold could be deadly. A blood stem cell transplant from a genetically matched donor is his only hope to fight his life-threatening disease.

Roman’s family is on a mission to find a life-saving match for their son, but his mixed-race heritage (Roman is Chinese and Italian) makes it more difficult. There are currently no matches on the Be The Match Registry for Roman. Finding his genetic match is going to take more than asking Alexa—it takes people like you who are willing to sign up and save a life. 


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