About Donating Blood

The need for blood donations go beyond what people see on television and the news. Blood is needed for individuals being treated for cancer, babies that are born prematurely, individuals with anemia and much more. Blood donations save lives and there is no substitute. It must come from one individual to go to another, and every donation can help save up to three lives. That is why we encourage individuals to Commit for Life and donate at least once every quarter.

What donation type is right for you? Here are some suggestions, based on your blood type.

A first-time donor would be likely to give whole blood.

Your Blood Type: Consider:
O Positive or Negative Make a double red blood cell or whole blood donation.
A Positive or Negative Make a platelet or a whole blood donation.
B Positive or Negative Make a double red blood cell, whole blood, or red blood cell plasma donation.
AB Positive or Negative Make a red blood cell plasma or whole blood donation.

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