Meet Tyler

More than 40 units of blood saved his life.

Tyler would not be alive today if blood had not been available when he was rushed to the hospital by Life Flight following a serious motorcycle accident. Several major veins in his neck were severed, and he received 48 units of blood during a lifesaving surgery. "I wouldn't be here without people like you," Tyler says.

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Tyler - Blood Recipient

Meet Niesha

Helping others makes her feel like a superhero!

The first time Niesha gave blood, it was to earn extra credit for a class. But she quickly realized that helping save lives is the right thing to do.  Upon hearing that her type-O blood could help many people, she decided to Commit for Life. "I feel like a superhero when I give blood because I know I am making a difference in somebody's life," Niesha says.

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Niesha - Blood Donor

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