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As patient needs have evolved, so have the ways that blood donors are able to help. The Commit for Life program was updated in late 2015 to reflect the changing daily needs of patients. This program ensures donors are recognized for giving the most essential blood components - helping area patients receive the donations they need!

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Miriam, blood donor

Meet Luke

He receives platelets in his cancer treatment

Since being diagnosed with leukemia in December 2013, Luke has been the recipient of many platelet transfusions. Cancer and cancer treatments can cause patients to experience low platelet counts, so individuals who donate platelets regularly are essential to keeping cancer patients like Luke strong enough to fight while undergoing treatment.

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Luke, recipient

This is Ronnie

Plasma donations are essential to patients like him

After being injured in a serious motorcycle accident in 2014, Ronnie was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Plasma helps stabilize the body, and is often needed by patients who experience blood loss. Ronnie needed more than 50 units of blood in his 11-hour surgery. Today he is back at work serving his hometown as a police officer.

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Ronnie, recipient

Meet Marilyn

Red blood cell donations helped save her life

As a child fighting double pneumonia, Marilyn received countless blood donations on her journey back to health. Red blood cells are an essential component of blood, carrying oxygen throughout the body. Thanks to the blood donors who made this vital component available for her, Marilyn has been able to grow up healthy and follow her dreams.

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Marilyn, recipient

This is Henry

He depends on a medicine made from source plasma

Henry suffered from a brain injury in late 2013 and continues to battle its effects. He now depends on regular doses of a medicine called IVIG, which is made from source plasma donations. Just as there is no substitute for transfusable blood products, there is no substitute for source plasma in the creation of medicines to help patients like Henry.

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Henry, recipient

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