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What is the CFL Express Pass? 

Before you can donate, you must complete a health history interview. CFL Express Pass allows donors to fill out those questions before they arrive for their blood donation. You can also complete the CFL Express Pass at your home or office and print out the resulting barcodes. Bring the sheet with you to the donation site, and staff will scan the paper to retrieve your data.


Short-form questionnaire 

If you have had two successful donations using the standard-form questionnaire since May 23, 2016, with at least one in the last six months, you can save even more time by taking our short-form questionnaire! Log in to Digital Donor and click on the CFL Express Pass button on the welcome screen. If you qualify for the short form, you will be redirected there.

You will be able to continue using the short form as long as you successfully donate at least once every six months. If more than six months pass between donations, you will be directed to the standard form again and must complete two blood donations using the standard form before re-qualifying to use the short form within six months.

To complete the standard form questionnaire without logging in to Digital Donor, click here and begin using CFL Express Pass now.

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