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Read the FAQs to learn more about the program and how you can make the greatest difference for patients when you Commit for Life.


What is Commit for Life?

It is a partnership between you and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center focused on saving lives, today and in the future. The program consists of three easy steps that reward your commitment to saving lives.

Create a Digital Donor account within 30 days from your donation to earn points for donating and redeem your points in the Donor Rewards Store

  1. Donate Once Per Quarter.
    Donate Once Per Quarter is essential to an adequate blood supply. Depending on your eligibility, you should donate whole blood at least every six months or more frequently for plasma and platelet donations. Give as often as you can and earn points for every donation.

  2. Connect with us.
    Whether you prefer to hear from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center via email, phone, text, or social media, you can participate as a Commit for Life member by staying informed.

  3. Spread the word.
    Nothing is more powerful than hearing about the importance of blood donations from a Commit for Life donor. Tell your friends and family how they can save lives.

There is no substitute for blood. It must be voluntarily donated by one person to be given to another. The need for different blood componentslike red blood cells, platelets, plasma, and source plasmais constant. Giving on an ongoing basis helps ensure blood components are always available for the patients we serve. 

Check out our Commit for Life videos that show the many reasons why Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is important to people and a special behind-the-scenes look into our operations. 

We have 17 Neighborhood Donor Centers conveniently located throughout the greater Houston area, Lufkin, Nacogdoches and College Station. Additionally, we have regular mobile blood drives at local businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations within our 26-county region. Find a location near you.

How do I Commit for Life?

When you attempt to donate, you are enrolled in the Commit for Life program at the Bronze level. If you make a successful donation, you automatically reach the Silver level. When you donate at least three successful donations in a calendar year, or two if double red cells, you reach the Gold level. 

The Commit for Life program as outlined above is for blood donors. However, there are opportunities for volunteers and blood drive groups to Commit for Life as well by following their own set of steps.

Levels and Benefits

Membership level is determined by donation activity in a calendar year. The donor starts the next year at the same level with the opportunity to move up. If a donor has no donation activity in one year, his or her level is reset to Bronze the following year.

  • BronzeDonor makes at least one attempted donation in a calendar year.
  • SilverDonor makes one or two successful donations in a calendar year.
  • GoldDonor makes three or more successful donations in a calendar year (two if double red cells).

All activity is based on a calendar year. An individual’s donation activity in a calendar year determines his or her level for the rest of that year and the start of the following year. Donors have the opportunity to move to a higher level the next year by donating more often. If a donor has no donation activity in a calendar year, his or her level will be reset to Bronze the next year.

If you would like to give more often, there are plenty of opportunities! Find a Neighborhood Donor Center or a mobile blood drive near you, so that you can make three donations in a calendar year. You may also let your group's blood drive chairperson know that you are interested in donating more frequently so they may consider hosting additional blood drives.

Scheduling your donation allows us to plan ahead, ensuring we have the appropriate staff and resources on hand when you go to donate. It also helps us better manage our blood supply, so we can ensure patients receive the donations they need.

Yes, as long as you donate on the day of your appointment, you will be awarded the points earned for scheduling in advance.

Gold members receive one complimentary Advanced Wellness Check per year. To make arrangements to have your complimentary Advanced Wellness Check at one of our Donor Centers, contact us at (713) 791-6260 or 1(800) 791-1666. If you would like to receive more than one per year, or if you are a Bronze or Silver member who would like an Advanced Wellness Check, you may place an order through the Donor Rewards store using your points, and we will contact you to make arrangements.

To obtain accurate results, a blood sample should be taken when the individual has been fasting (no food or drink for 12 hours). Therefore, you will not be able to have a sample drawn for testing at the same time you donate blood.

Donor Rewards Points

These points are one way that we may thank you for saving lives by donating blood. You will not be able to transfer them to another person. We appreciate that you might not wish to use them for yourself and if you so choose, you may donate them back to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

After 15 months in which you have no donation activity, your points will be donated back to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. We will send you email notifications at 12, 13, and 14 months since your last activity to notify you that your points will expire if you do not attempt to donate by the 15-month mark. Please ensure you are opted in to receive email communication from us. 

Yes, you may donate your points back to support Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in a variety of ways through the Rewards Store.

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