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Patients in our region require about 1,000 units of blood every day. If you have a friend or family member who received blood during a time of need, a replenishment blood drive is one way that you can honor your loved one. 

Replenishment blood drives allow a patient's friends and extended family to help their loved one by hosting blood drives in their honor. Donations are made to replenish the community blood supply so blood will continue to be available, not only for your loved one but for other patients in need of a transfusion as well.    

About the Replenish the Need Program  

Replenish the Need is a HIPAA-compliant program that allows us to visit one-on-one with the patients' families and friends at local hospitals to educate them about replenishment blood drives. Through this brief visit, our representative helps answer the question posed by many patients' families and friends: How can I help? The Replenish the Need program encourages these individuals to host blood drives in honor of their loved one. Many people have found this to be a meaningful way to express their support for the patient and their family during their time of need. 

How is the blood collected at a replenishment drive used? 

The donations made at a replenishment drive go into the community blood supply to ensure there is an adequate blood supply anytime a patient is in need. The donations are not reserved for a specific patient; they are made available for any patient in need in our region. Neither the donor nor the patient receives any type of payment for the voluntary blood donation. 


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