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The following are tips and techniques for planning a successful blood drive that will help save numerous lives in our community. 

Schedule the Drive

Promotion and Marketing

  • Request marketing support materials from your account representative.
  • Plan newsletter announcement and marketing material distribution.

Recruiting and Scheduling

  • Schedule appointments for donors.
  • Email potential donors.
  • Host speaking or kick-off event to recruit donors.
  • Host a sign-up table.
  • Assign departments or floors to your recruitment team to personally ask people to donate.
  • Communicate your donor commitment number to your account representative.

Day of the Drive

  • Clear room of furniture and meet collections staff.
  • Post directional signs around building and grounds.
  • Schedule volunteers to greet donors and manage appointments at a welcome table.
  • Provide snacks and drinks to all donors.
  • Create excitement with balloons or raffle items.
  • Thank the donors as they leave!

For additional information, please call (713) 791-6670 or email us.


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