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Be the link to a cure for life-threatening diseases and help researchers identify new treatments and cures. You can help advance medical research.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has over 44 years of industry experience serving the world's most significant medical campus. Cellular Life Solutions is Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's most recent and innovative move to develop work in the field of cellular therapy.

Cell-based immunotherapy is currently at the forefront in the development of new treatments for serious diseases.  Our goal is to help make the dream of new, cutting-edge blood and cell therapies the new standard of care.


To find cures to today's devastating diseases, no one can do it alone. We invite you to connect and help us find the cure by signing up through our electronic roaster – BioLinked! 

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Cellular Life Solutions is a new 2,700-square-foot apheresis collection center for cellular therapies and offers all the comfort and safety available for donors and patients. Using the Spectra Optia Apheresis System, our team can meet the specific collection criteria required for each procedure, while bringing efficiency, purity, and consistency to collections—ultimately benefiting patients, clinicians, and laboratory processes. 


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Cellular Life Solutions is looking for eligible blood donors. Participants will be eligible to resume giving other blood components four weeks after this procedure. 

Contact us at or (713) 791-6653. 

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