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Donors recovered from COVID-19 are helping others

Convalescent Plasma Donor

The response from people who have overcome COVID-19 to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s call for convalescent plasma has been amazing. We’ve seen a number of donors step up to help patients fighting the disease in local hospitals, and it’s beautiful to see our community come together for such an important reason.  

Now fully recovered, Cheryl, a Katy resident, was one of the first to donate because “there are people worse off than me.”  

Cheryl’s treatment didn’t involve hospitalization, but she did feel pain and stress in her shoulders throughout her sickness. She encouraged others to take COVID-19 seriously and stay home if they can. 

“If my blood can save lives, I’ll help,” Cheryl said during her donation. 

Convalescent plasma is the liquid part of blood collected from patients who have recovered from an infection. Antibodies present in the convalescent plasma are proteins that might help fight the infection. 

As someone who works in health care, Kira also did her part to help others by donating convalescent plasma. She is a nurse practitioner in Houston who was exposed to COVID-19 at her office. Over 15 days, she experienced pain and fever and was isolated from her husband, but now she’s fully recovered and giving back to others.  

If you have had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and are now fully recovered, with no symptoms for at least 28 days or recovered with no symptoms for 14 days and a second test with negative results, you can help others in their recovery. 

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About the Author

Julie’s work at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has given her the opportunity to meet amazing people in our community who are inspiring a new generation with their powerful stories of hope.

She previously spent more than a dozen years as a journalist in Laredo, the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi, and the Houston suburbs. Currently, she and her husband, Dennis, reside in Katy.

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