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Gulf Coast Heroes: A love letter to blood donors

Gulf Coast Heroes: A love letter to blood donors 

To you, it’s a simple band wrapped around your elbow.  

To blood recipients, it’s a symbol of strength … of unity … of selflessness.  

The band wrapped around your arm after a blood donation is a signal to the rest of the world that you have made an impact for good. Your commitment touches patients and blesses families far beyond your ordinary reach. 

January is National Blood Donor Month, dedicated to you for partnering with us throughout the year. We are taking a moment to share a few stories and highlight some reasons just a few of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s donors give blood regularly: 

  • Ashley Edwards—“I had a postpartum hemorrhage and needed 2 units of blood. That was in 2010, and ever since, I try to donate as much as I can.” 
  • Christie Coy—“My mother was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in November 2019 and died on November 5, 2020. Her treatment required her to receive almost twice weekly blood and platelet transfusions for months throughout her illness. I began donating blood as soon as she received her first transfusion because I am so grateful for the individuals who donated to make her transfusions possible. I continue to donate in her memory.” 
  • Jennifer Parks—“donate because my mom had 2 transfusions in 1996, my Mimi had cancer and had regular transfusions for a year and my husband was in a serious car accident and received many transfusions. He now donates with me too. Someone else gave to my family, I give to others.”  
  • Cliff McKee—“I don’t donate so much to be a hero but I got plenty of time and it’s a good thing to do. I started in the early seventies while going to Lee College in Baytown. Now I do mainly platelets and have met some long term friends. It’s also nice that you are helping people and I got to meet a young man that received my blood. It’s a nice setup now with the tvs to watch and juice and cookies afterwards. I have a nice collection of mugs and received lots of shirts and other prizes. I’m Committed For Life.” 
  • Caroline JM— “I donate platelets because the Texas Medical Center brings in oncology patients from all over the world.” 
  • Julie Ortiz—“I donate blood because I remember when my aunt needed some there was some for her. Also for the Cancer patients that need it. We all have to do our part.” 

No matter your reason, you are a member of an elite group of heroes in the Gulf Coast region and beyond.  

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is asking all of our blood donors to band together in 2021. Whatever is going on in the world, be it hurricanes, political turmoil, or a global pandemic, blood donors are united in our mission to save lives. Alone, we make an impact, but together we’ve proven to be an unstoppable force. 

The next time our phlebotomists wrap your elbow after a blood donation, flex that arm with pride, and if you see a fellow donor with that band around their arm, be sure and give them a high five. You share a bond that changes lives in our community forever. 

Thank you for being the hero we need, and we can’t wait to see you next. 

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