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Keeping Families Together for the Holidays

The holidays are here! Families are getting ready to spend time together and participate in their traditions. For some families, it may be a difficult time as their loved ones battle diseases in local hospitals or recover from recent surgeries. 

I think about my family a lot during the holidays. They live in Chicago, and I’m in Houston. I also often think about my grandma, a person very close to me who isn’t getting any younger and has had multiple surgeries recently. Fortunately, she has recovered well, which wouldn't be possible without blood donors.  I’m happy to have her around for another holiday season, partaking in our family traditions. Those traditions usually involve plenty of food – American and Greek – and games. I won’t get to be with my grandma this year for the holidays, but the rest of my family will be able to spend another Christmas with her.   

Blood donors are so important to these folks. Donations tend to decline during the holidays for obvious reasons – schools are out, blood drives nearly stop, people are traveling, and everyone has their mind set on the holidays. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is one of the largest community blood banks in the country and serves the largest medical center in the world. It takes 1,000 blood donations a day to meet the community’s needs.   

Before you get ready to spend time with your family for the holidays, help patients who won’t be able to spend time with their families this year by giving blood. Make an appointment and help save lives this holiday season!  

Posted by Michael Iliopoulos on in Committed Hearts

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