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Take the Heat Off of the Summer Blood Supply

Summer has arrived! It’s time for long vacations, family visits, and short getaways crammed into a few months just before the start of fall. And why shouldn’t you make plans this summer? It’s been difficult the last few summers because of COVID. So, enjoy it! But don’t forget about the need for blood during the summer months.  

In fact, summer is always a challenging time to keep blood donations on a priority list. And we don’t blame you! Unfortunately, this year, the desire to host blood drives has really declined. Blood drives are a crucial component in ensuring your community has an adequate blood supply. When organizations like schools, businesses, and churches host blood drives, they provide a convenient location for their group to donate in a place that’s familiar.  



“Equally important is the organization's advocacy for blood donations in their community,” said Kevin Shipley, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s Director of Donor Recruitment. “It truly takes a village to ensure blood is readily available!” 

Schools are always a huge help during the school year. During the summer, however, the blood supply is usually maintained by businesses. The challenge over the past couple years has been remote work. Businesses are now hosting fewer or smaller blood drives.  

That being said, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has partnered with a plethora of businesses throughout Houston, East Texas, and College Station to host successful blood drives. Recently, Action Behavior Centers, a therapy center that helps children with autism, collected 36 units of blood while hosting a blood drive. Just one unit saves many lives. 

“I absolutely think organizations should be involved in the community and host annual blood drives,” said Elizabeth Pierce, Clinical Admissions Associate. “There is such a diverse workforce behind organizations and hosting blood drives allows everyone to come together for the greater good.” 

There is no substitute for blood, which is why they need for patients is crucial. 1,000 donations are needed every day to make sure there’s enough blood for patients in our community.  

It may seem like setting up a blood drive can be intimidating. Don’t worry! Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has a team of talented professionals that will work with you to identify the best date for your event, provide marketing tools to advertise the drive, and coach you through the best tips and tricks to ensure success.  

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive, you can call 713-791-6670 or visit the following link: host a blood drive 

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