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Volunteering Helps You Become Happier

Did you know volunteering can boost your mental health? That is what a recent study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies says. The study showed people who volunteered at least once a month reported better mental health than the people who did not volunteer at all. We can see how true that is at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. People who donate blood love being a part of the mission and saving lives in the community. Our volunteers do too!

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has many volunteering opportunities. While we need donors to sustain the blood supply in the community, volunteers are helping save lives too. As a Commit for Life volunteer, you can have the opportunity to be a community advocate, work a blood drive, be a driver, or do some light office work.

Our volunteers really enjoy helping! Jessica and Alejandro are volunteers at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. They are siblings too. Jessica had a great volunteering experience and then recruited her college-aged brothers. They spend time volunteering at mobile blood drives and assist in neighborhood donor centers when needed.

You do not have to be a blood donor to volunteer. If you are ineligible to donate, volunteering is a wonderful way to still get involved! Donors and volunteers at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center know they are saving lives in the community, and we know they love doing it! How are you giving back?

National Volunteer Week is April 17-23. The week is dedicated to the thousands of volunteers around the country who give up their time to help their communities. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center would like to thank the volunteers who help many organizations when needed!



Posted by Michael Iliopoulos on in Committed Hearts
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