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Because Tomorrow Matters

Chances are you know a family member, friend, or colleague who’s battled cancer. Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure for this disease, but successful treatment can result in cancer going into remission. Researchers are working every day to find a cure and treatments. You may not know it, but Cellular Life Solutions at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is helping do just this by using cell-based immunotherapies.

“I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been touched by cancer,” said Karen Wooten-Miller, Director of Cellular Life Solutions. “Everyone has in some shape or form or fashion, and so we provide a way to help in that fight.”

Cellular Life Solutions is a 2,700-square-foot facility inside Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s headquarters where cells from donors are collected for use in research. Donors are screened and donate a regular whole blood unit to see if they are suitable candidates. If they are a candidate for a research study and wish to participate, nurses will schedule another procedure where cells are collected and processed using a special automated collection machine. Donors are compensated for their time depending on the length of the research study and procedures performed. 

While a primary goal is to help find a cure for cancer, Cellular Life Solutions does other amazing things too. They can collect immune cells from a patient fighting prostate cancer, send the cells off to a lab where they are activated into cancer-fighting cells, and then the cells will be used for the cancer patient.  

“The future is amazing, the need for these starter cells for research is accessibly necessary,” said Karen.

Cellular Life Solutions, along with donors, is working with researchers such as Indapta Therapeutics to develop cells that can kill cancer. They are finding a way to boost the immune system's response to fight cancer.  

“We are trying to change the future where there’s a cancer-free tomorrow,” said Karen.  

Cellular-based immunotherapies are an exciting and promising area of research that has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat diseases.  Finding donors who are willing to help in the fight is imperative. If you are ready to help, call (713) 791-6653 or email for more information - Because Tomorrow Matters 

Posted by Michael Iliopoulos on in Committed Hearts

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