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Partnering for a Lifesaving Mission

Blood donors play a crucial role in saving lives in emergencies. In cases of trauma or severe injury, the ability to quickly provide a blood transfusion can mean a world of difference for someone. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has partnered with a handful of Houston area agencies, so blood is available for those who need it. These first responders have access to blood and can perform on-the-spot transfusions immediately. Harris County Emergency Corps is one of eight agencies we partner with to make this happen. 

“The idea is that if we have a trauma patient in shock, then we have the benefit of administering blood before the patient arrives at the hospitals,” said Sam Rodriguez, Director of Clinical Education. “It’s been shown that administering blood before going to the hospital improves the chance of survival.”   

The entire front-line staff at Harris County Emergency Corps is trained to administer blood, but it’s the supervisors and paramedics in charge who do it. Last year, 14 blood transfusions happened, and most of those were for trauma patients.  

Trauma patients may experience significant blood loss that requires an immediate transfusion in many cases. This can be caused by various situations, including accidents, injuries, or other medical emergencies. Time is of the essence when a patient needs a transfusion. The faster the blood is available, the greater the chance of survival!  

“This certainly has a significant impact and the possibility of saving someone’s life," Sam said. "It could be someone involved in your own family." 

Here are some other agencies that we have partnerships with:   

  • Katy Fire Department (Houston ESD #48)  
  • Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department  
  • Harris County Emergency Corps
  • Community Fire Department (Alief) 
  • Southlake EMS  
  • Channelview Fire Department  
  • Air Life  
  • Life Flight.   

You can help ensure there is an adequate supply of blood available for emergencies by donating blood. One hour changes everything! Just one hour of your time can make a difference for patients, families, and communities when you donate blood. Ready to help? Make an appointment at and help save lives! 

Posted by Michael Iliopoulos on in Committed Hearts

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