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Honoring National Blood Donor Month

January marks a crucial moment on the calendar – National Blood Donor Month. Beyond the resolutions and new beginnings, this month serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that blood donation has on individuals and communities. Blood donation stands as a selfless act that directly contributes to the vitality of those in need. Every day, hospitals and medical facilities rely on donated blood to treat patients undergoing surgeries, recovering from accidents or battling chronic illnesses. Whether it's an emergency or a planned medical procedure, the continuous need for blood donations underscores their critical role in sustaining healthcare systems globally. 

Why is National Blood Donor Month in January?

National Blood Donor Month was established to address the seasonal decline in blood donations during the winter months. Factors such as inclement weather, holidays and illness often contribute to a decrease in donor turnout, resulting in shortages in the blood supply. January serves as an opportune time to shed light on the ongoing need for blood and encourage individuals to commit to regular donations throughout the year.

Why should you donate blood?

In the United States, a critical demand for blood surfaces every two seconds, but only three percent of the U.S. population donates blood each year. With it being National Blood Donor Month, however, let's go beyond the numbers and delve into the profound personal motivations that propel donors to act. Their stories of compassion, resilience and hope are the catalysts that can ignite your own commitment to making a difference. Here are just a few:


  • Kenny Ochoa – Kenny’s newfound passion for blood donation was sparked by an encounter with one of our donor coaches. After doing his research, Kenny discovered the impact that donating blood can have on a global and local scale. He described the experience as painless and only regrets that he didn't start sooner. Kenny was unaware that his blood donation could benefit cancer patients, a realization that resonates deeply with him. He now has a strong desire to contribute to the healing process for those in need.


  • Sheila Garces - Having previously lived in Mexico, Sheila would regularly donate blood there whenever possible. Upon relocating to Houston, she remained committed to continuing her blood donations and extending a helping hand to others. Sheila's dedication to community service goes beyond donating blood; she actively seeks opportunities to make a positive impact by assisting and supporting others.


  • Taneshia Anderson – Taneshia recognizes the significance of blood donation, given the numerous blood transfusions she has received over her lifetime. These transfusions became necessary during different instances throughout her life, including a traumatic car accident and childbirth. Reflecting on her experiences, Taneshia emphasizes that without the availability of blood during critical moments in her life, she might not be here today.


How to Get Involved

The most direct way to participate in National Blood Donor Month is by donating blood. Visit our website to discover nearby blood drives or Neighborhood Donor Centers, where you can effortlessly schedule an appointment at

Beyond the donation process, it is equally important to utilize social media, community events and personal networks to amplify awareness about the critical importance of blood donation. Take the initiative to share facts, personal stories and information about local blood drives to encourage others to get involved. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

National Blood Donor Month calls for reflection on the remarkable impact that a single act of generosity can have on the lives of others. Through blood donation, individuals become pillars of support in their communities. As we celebrate this month, let us join forces to promote awareness, advocate for regular donations and ensure that the spirit of compassion continues to help those in need.

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