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Abbott and Blood Centers of America introduce an immersive mixed-reality experience to transform blood donation. Our aim is to make it easier and more relaxing, attracting new donors and motivating the younger generation. By addressing the global challenge of sustaining a reliable blood supply, our immersive digital technology allows blood donation professionals to conduct safe interactions with donors. 

With constant monitoring and evaluation, donors' eyes remain visible during the process. By wearing lightweight mixed reality headsets, participants enter a captivating digital world while staying fully aware of their surroundings. Experience a whimsical garden, accompanied by soothing music, where you can plant seeds that blossom into vibrant trees and flowers. Mixed reality, powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2, enables hands-free interaction with three-dimensional digital objects, offering a seamless and convenient donation experience. Donors receive a quick tutorial on the headsets, which can be easily adjusted for comfort, seamlessly integrating into the donation process.

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