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Patients in your community are depending on you to donate blood. Join Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and ABC13 at their drive March 4–7 to help us save lives. 

Blood isn’t just needed for trauma and surgeries. Cancer patients often need blood transfusions to aid their recovery, and those with sickle cell anemia may require regular transfusions in their treatment plan.  

Did you know? 

Blood generally falls into one of four general categories: O, A, B and AB. However, antigens in blood can make it more difficult for some people to find a good match, and the closer two blood types match the less likely there is to be complication after a transfusion. Because some rare antigens are more commonly found among people with similar ethnic backgroundsit’s crucial for us to have a diverse donor base that regularly gives blood. 

Visit for more information on how you can make an impact. 

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