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Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is teaming up with ABC 13 to save lives in our community from March 3-6, 2023. We offer our donors a sincere thank you and a $10 Amazon eGift Card through Tango* for supporting patients and local hospitals.  

Did you know that a blood transfusion occurs in the U.S. every two seconds? That’s why Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center needs 1,000 blood donations a day to meet the needs of our community!  


Did you know? 

Blood generally falls into one of four general categories: O, A, B and AB. However, antigens in blood can make it more difficult for some people to find a good match, and the closer two blood types match the less likely there is to be complication after a transfusion. Because some rare antigens are more commonly found among people with similar ethnic backgroundsit’s crucial for us to have a diverse donor base that regularly gives blood. 

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