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Blue Bell is more than a sweet treat - it's a lifesaving partnership

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center keeps it local with Texas' favorite ice cream! Blue Bell Creameries started their long lifesaving partnership with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in 1990 when the popular ice cream brand began donating vouchers for free pints of ice cream to thank blood donors for their commitment. 

"I think we all know how important it is for us now to give back to those in need," said Lauren Lewis, Blue Bell's Public Relations Specialist. 

There is a constant need for blood and blood products in the community to support local hospitals and patients. Partnering with Blue Bell is helping Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center offer an added thanks to the everyday heroes - our blood donors! 

"The people who are in the community that we operate in, they are the reason for what we do," said Lauren. "So, if we can help by shedding light on a charitable event or local organization, we want to be able to do our part to service the communities." 

There's usually a decline in blood donations during the summer months due to schools being out, people travelling, and appointments not being kept. But the number one reason why people don't donate is that they were never asked. We are sending a sweet and refreshing invitation to all eligible individuals to donate blood this August during the Pint for Pint promotion. The Blue Bell ice cream voucher is redeemable at any local grocery store. 

We are grateful for Blue Bell Creamery and its long commitment to our mission and the patients we serve. Partnerships strengthen our community and help maintain an adequate and safe blood supply for our local hospitals. Friends of The Blood Center is a way for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to connect with local businesses and organizations and offer added incentives to our donors as a thank you for their commitment and dedication. Let's work together! 

Posted by Michael Iliopoulos on in Committed Hearts
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